DIY Vanilla Extract

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I’m obsessed with the the DIY culture. I’ve constantly looking for new things that I can go Do It Yourself with. The benefits of doing or making something yourself is twofold.

1. It’s normally less expensive, sometimes by a great deal, to make things yourself.

2. You get an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction when you make a gift or food item or piece of clothing or furniture all by yourself. Then that sense of satisfaction comes back every time you see it, taste it or smell it!

Something really decadent and fun to make is your own vanilla extract. The kind you buy off the grocery store shelf is usually fake, or as they like to call it  imitation. So you have a couple of choices, you can buy REAL vanilla extract from a gourmet shop or online, or you can make your own real extract.

It’s super easy and if you place it in beautiful jars or bottles it makes a lovely gift.

Vanilla Extract


Make Your Own Vanilla


  • 8 oz of vodka
  • 2 Vanilla Beans split down the middle


  1. Pour 8 oz of vodka in each glass bottle or glass jar
  2. Add 2 vanilla beans to each bottle or jar
  3. Seal the bottles and allow to sit for 2 months. 
  4. After two months open the bottle and enjoy in all of your baking recipes. Or give to a friend!

Storage Suggestions

Store your vanilla in glass bottles or jars with airtight seals. The alcohol will perserve your extract almost indefinitely.

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