Airbnb Experiences: Turning Your Passion into Profit

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Here at A Frugal Life, side hustles are our thing! We’re constantly looking for new ways that you can make extra money, it’s just an esstential part of life with the economy the way it is in the US right now. This one is a unique way that you probably don’t see in the standard list of side hustles.

Airbnb Experiences offer a unique way for travelers to explore a new city or country, and for locals to share their knowledge and expertise with visitors. If you have a passion for something and want to turn it into a side hustle, becoming an Airbnb Experience host might be the perfect opportunity for you. Here’s how to get started:

Choose Your Airbnb Experience to Offer

The first step to becoming an Airbnb Experience host is to choose what you want to offer. Do you have a passion for hiking, cooking, or photography? Think about what you love to do and what you can share with others. Consider what makes your experience unique and why someone would want to book it.

Here is a list of actual experiences that Hosts are offering on Airbnb:

  1. Food and Drink Experiences:
  • A cooking class in Rome, Italy where you learn to make homemade pasta from scratch
  • A wine tasting experience in Napa Valley, California
  • A street food tour in Bangkok, Thailand
  1. Outdoor Activities and Adventures:
  • A hiking and camping trip in the Canadian Rockies
  • A surfing lesson in Bali, Indonesia
  • A hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
  1. Cultural Experiences:
  • A traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan
  • A visit to a Maasai village in Tanzania to learn about their culture and way of life
  • A guided street art tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  1. Arts and Entertainment Experiences:
  • A photography workshop in Paris, France
  • A pottery class in Marrakech, Morocco
  • A live music performance in Nashville, Tennessee
  1. Wellness Experiences:
  • A yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia
  • A meditation class in Sedona, Arizona
  • A traditional Turkish bath experience in Istanbul, Turkey

Apply to become an Airbnb Experience Host:

Here are some of the standards that Airbnb requires hosts to meet:

  1. Unique experience: The experience should be unique and provide guests with something that they can’t easily find elsewhere.
  2. Safety: Hosts must ensure the safety of their guests at all times during the experience.
  3. Quality: The experience should be of high quality and meet the expectations of guests.
  4. Communication: Hosts must be able to communicate effectively with guests, including providing clear instructions and answering questions promptly.
  5. Legal compliance: Hosts must comply with all local laws and regulations related to their experience.
  6. Insurance: Hosts must have appropriate insurance coverage for their experience.

To apply to become an Airbnb Experience host, visit the Airbnb Experiences website and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Host an experience” button located on the homepage.
  2. Provide basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, and location.
  3. Describe the experience you want to offer, including the activities involved, the duration, and any equipment or materials needed.
  4. Provide details on your qualifications and expertise in the area of your experience.
  5. Upload photos or videos to showcase your experience.
  6. Submit your application, and Airbnb will review it to ensure it meets their quality standards.

If approved, you will be able to start hosting your experience on the platform and sharing your passion with guests from around the world.

Create Your Airbnb Experience

Once you’re approved as a host, you can create your experience on the Airbnb platform. This is where you’ll provide all the details about what your guests can expect, including the itinerary, any equipment or supplies they’ll need, and any special requirements.

The price for Airbnb Experiences can vary greatly depending on the type of experience and location. For example, a beginner’s photography class in New York City may cost around $60 per person, while a full-day guided hike in a remote national park could cost upwards of $200 per person. Some hosts may offer their experiences for free, while others may charge hundreds of dollars per person. It’s important to research the market and determine what your time and expertise are worth when setting your price. Keep in mind again that Airbnb takes a 20% commission on the price you set, so factor that into your pricing strategy.

Get ready to host Once your experience is live on the platform, you can start accepting bookings. Be sure to communicate with your guests before the experience to answer any questions they may have and ensure they’re prepared. On the day of the experience, make sure everything goes smoothly and your guests have a great time.

As a host, you can earn a decent amount of money from your experience, depending on how much you charge and how many bookings you get. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new people, share your knowledge and expertise, and have fun doing what you love.

Becoming an Airbnb Experience host is a great way to turn your passion into a profitable side hustle. Whether you’re into hiking, cooking, or photography, there’s a market for your skills and knowledge. By following these steps and putting in the effort to create an amazing experience, you can become a successful Airbnb Experience host and start earning money doing what you love.

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