I Made Free Face Coverings!

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In the area, I live in we are still required to wear masks when going out into public and especially when going into stores. I’ve been wanting a mask that is more comfortable than the pleated masks but also has more of a seal and protective covering. After much trial and error and research, I found the Eldenberry Blossom Pattern. This pattern comes in multiple sizes and is totally free. The things I love about this pattern are:

  1. The pattern is free.
  2. They have a Facebook group full of people that will help with any questions.
  3. They have multiple videos on how to make the pattern; I’ve embedded the pattern video below.
  4. The pattern can be made with ties or elastic.
  5. The pattern is easy to read and can be made into cardboard templates. (Which is what I did)
  6. It takes very little fabric. (I was able to use my stash of scrap quilting fabric for the mask and lining and old t-shirts to make the straps. (one xl t-shirt made enough straps for about 10 masks.)

Here is the link to the EldenBerry Blossom Facebook Group

And here is the video instructions: