5 Websites Where You Can Find Second-Hand Textbooks

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If college students had to choose one thing bad thing about college, many would probably choose to complain about the cost of textbooks. Unfortunately, textbooks are expensive. It’s not unusual for one textbook to cost several hundred dollars. The good news is that the college bookstore isn’t the only place that sells textbooks. Students can purchase used textbooks online at much-discounted prices.


Textbooks.com guarantees that they have the lowest prices on used textbooks. If a student finds a textbook at a lower price somewhere else, TextBooks will match the price. They offer thousands of used textbooks in a wide assortment of subjects. Students may also choose to rent books, purchase e-books, or sell their used textbooks back. Another perk is that shipping is free on orders over $25. Customers may also return their books within 30 days if they find out that they don’t need one of their textbooks. 


AbeBooks offers over 140 million books, including around 13,500 used textbooks. This retailer will also accept returns within 30-days and offers free shipping on many orders. AbeBooks offers customers used textbooks anywhere from 50% to 90% off and will buy them back after a customer is done with them, assuming they are kept in good condition.


eCampus is a retailer that offers used textbooks for up to 90% off. What sets this retailer apart is that they are currently working with four different charities to provide the people in Northern Ethiopia with clean water. A portion of their profits goes to funding these efforts. eCampus offers free shipping on orders over $59 and will also purchase used textbooks after the semester is over.


Half.com is a company owned by eBay. Half.com specializes in selling textbooks, books, games, music, and movies. While a specific textbook may not always be in stock, this is always a great website to check out. If a book is in stock, students will usually be able to get a tremendous deal. 


Amazon is a great place to buy almost anything, textbooks included. Because there are so many different vendors that sell used textbooks, students are almost guaranteed to get good deals. Depending on the vendor and the item, students can also usually find free shipping and other discounts. Just like Half.com, Amazon should be a site that students always check when looking for a specifically used textbook.

When browsing these sites, it’s possible for students to significantly reduce the price of their books. Buying used textbooks from these retailers, semester after semester can easily save students hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars throughout their college career.