Take Computer Science at Harvard for FREE: This is CS50

Let me give you my review first? I love this class! This is Harvard’s beginning Computer Science course converted entirely for this online format. In this course you can expect to get a beginning over view of programming in general as well as introductions to many basic programming languages. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s completely free. However, if you want, you can pay extra for a verified certificate if you pass the course. 
  • Unlike some Open courses, you actually do get graded on your work, making it easy to tell how much you’re learning and how much more you need to study. 
  • The class is built by online technology experts so you get everything you need to learn no matter what your learning style is. 
  • The course is taught by Professor David Malan who teaches in an interactive, entertaining style that keeps you interested throughout. 
  • There is a huge staff of additional teachers aids and lecturers who fill in the online course content with shorts and walkthroughs. 

On week Zero, you’ll learn Scratch, a beginning programming language that allows you to learn to program with color coded interactive blocks, making the language accessible to even non-computer geeks like me. 

This is what I made for my first Scratch project. 


If you want to take this totally free Harvard course, just sign up here. It would be amazing for Homeschoolers. 

Stay tuned as I review more free online courses… 

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