Depression Era Recipes that are still Amazing

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For those of you that know me, I grew up with my Grandmother. She grew up in the depression. She fed us the same things she grew up on, cheese sandwiches, soup, grits. When we asked for a snack, she offered a “nice piece of toast”. I never grew up feeling deprived though, the food was simple and tasty and it still is today. I’ve gathered together some recipes from the web based on the food my grandma used to make us every day. I hope you enjoy these simple, economical meals as much as I did growing up!

Grilled cheese sandwhich on a white plate

American cheese sandwich

baked apples in a glass pan

Baked Apples

baked bean soup

Bean soup

boiled cabbage

Boiled Cabbage

grits and butter in a blue bowl

Butter and Grits

cream gravy and beef on toast on a blue willow plate

Creamed Beef on Toast

Fried egg in a toast hole

Egg in a Hole

Baked beans and hot dogs in a white bowl

Hot Dogs and Baked Beans

toast pieces in a blue willow bolw with milk

Milk toast

popcorn in a bowl with milk

Popcorn Cereal

noodles and beef and cheese in a bowl

Rag Soup

tomato gravy over biscuits

Tomato Gravy and Biscuits

sliced tomatoes on white bread

Tomato Sandwich