Celebrating a Special Anniversary on a Tight Budget

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I’ve been married for over 22 years. In our 22 years of marriage, we’ve done all different sorts of things to celebrate anniversaries. Personally, the best Anniversary celebrations I’ve had have been simple and inexpensive, it just depends on what you and your spouse enjoy doing together. Don’t ever feel obligated to do something big and outrageous to please others, please the social media engine or meet others’ expectations. The number one piece of advice I can give is to TALK to your spouse first before planning anything. Agree on a budget and talk about what would be special to the two of you. You don’t have to go on vacation, go to a fancy restaurant or fill the room with candles and roses. Your celebration should reflect who you are as a couple and always be something that’s personal to you. That being said, here are some suggestions of things you can do as a couple that fit a small budget.

Get a Groupon

My husband and I have been using Groupon for years. We try to pick a new restaurant on Groupon when we go out and something that’s a great deal. It’s always such fun to try something entirely new together, it brings up great conversations and it’s very inexpensive with a coupon!

Go Camping

If you live in the US, there are campsite locations all across the nation where you can camp for free or very cheaply. Most free sites are “roughing” it sites without the pool, showers, and bathrooms of a KOA type site, however, they’re free! Make sure you rent an RV and research dry docking or bring the camping equipment and spend some time outside with your loved one. Dry camping without all the extras actually brings you closer to your partner as you need to work together to get the campsite together, cook food, and prepare the sleeping arrangements and there are no distractions at all.

Build Something

Talk about something you’ve always wanted to do to the house and spend the weekend doing it together. Don’t think of it as work, but a labor of love. We own or own house and my husband and I have the best time when we paint a room, redecorate, or put up decor. We love our home and love decorating it together. We would much rather spend the money we would spend on one dinner out on a home project and it’s hours or days spent working together rather than a couple of hours in a restaurant.

Buffet and a Movie

Find the best breakfast buffet in town and pig out on unlimited bacon and pancakes, then head to the movies. Matinees are so much cheaper; make it a double feature to make a full day out of it. Movies are dark and quiet and great for cuddle time.

Farmers Market Luncheon

Find a really good Farmers Market. It has to be a big one with lots of stalls, food, and possibly music. Head to the next town over if needed. If you take your time and don’t rush, the Farmers Market can be a lovely time. Binge on fresh fruit, baked goods with homemade jam and decadent coffee. If it has music or entertainment, stroll around, sit down and take it all in. Before you go, split up for 30 minutes and challenge each other to find a present at the market. It will be inexpensive, but special because of your day together.

These are just a few ideas, think of your own and tailor your day to your own interests and those of your spouse. Enjoy!

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