10 Things to Make with Cabbage

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This may seem like a crazy thing to post about, but this is actually an often asked question in my groups. Cabbage is so cheap, but what the heck can I make from it? It’s so bland and I’m tired of coleslaw. Isn’t coleslaw what you think about when you think about Cabbage? Well, me too, but there are hundreds of other things you can cook with Cabbage. Here are 10 of my favorites.

cabbage roll soup
Source: Dinner at the Zoo

Cabbage Roll Soup from Dinner at the Zoo

Carmaelized Cabbage
Source: Dinner at the Zoo Bon Appetit

Caramelized Cabbage from Bon Appetit

picture of cabbage casserole
Source: Giverecipe.com

Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole from Giverecipe.com

fried cabbage in a pan
Source: The Seasoned Mom

Fried Cabbage with Apples and Onions from The Seasoned Mom

Caramelized Cabbage Casserole
Source: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Low Carb Twice Cooked Cabbage from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Collard Greens and Cabbage
Source: I heart recipes

Soulful Cabbage and Collard Greens from I Heart Recipes

Pan of Cabbage Pancit
Source: All Recipes

Quick and Easy Pancit from All Recipes

Sesame Ginger Slaw
Source: The Kitchn

Sesame Ginger Slaw from The Kitchn

stuffed cabbage rolls in pan
Source: Valentinas Corner

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from Valentina’s Corner

fried cabbage with bacon
Source: Cafe Delites

https://cafedelites.com/fried-cabbage/Fried Cabbage with Bacon from Cafe Delites

If you’re interested in even MORE cabbage recipes, I recommend the book, The Cabbage Cookbook by Christina Tosch. It’s totally free on Kindle Unlimited!