Top 3 Reasons to Adopt rather than Buy a Dog

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Save a Life

When you purchase a dog from anywhere you support the over-breeding of pets and the death of animals in shelters that can’t find homes. Adopt a dog and you give that home and love to an animal that would otherwise have been put to death. 

“A shelter pet is more than one in a million—she’s one in 2.7 million. That’s the number of adoptable dogs and cats who are still euthanized each year in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people adopt.”

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Humane Society

End the Abuse of Puppy Mills

Many breeders claim not to be “puppy mills” when they really are. Even licensed USDA breeders abuse and neglect animals and keep them chained up in cages for life. There is no way to guarantee a purchase from a “humane” breeder. Adopt a pet instead. 

“The standards of care required by the USDA are completely inadequate and leave room for dogs to be grossly mistreated. Even if the USDA did require humane treatment from the breeders, it wouldn’t matter as the rules are barely enforced. Interestingly enough, the only reason you have to be a certified USDA breeder is if you want to sell your puppies to pet stores or brokers — a middle man who sells the puppies to pet stores for you. Small local breeders who sell to clients directly don’t need the certification. “

Ban Pet Stores

Save Money with Pet Adoption

Purchasing a purebred pet can cost between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Dogs adopted from shelters are much much cheaper and their spay or neuter, initial shots, and even microchip locators are usually covered in the cost. 

“Pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups usually cost less than pets purchased or even obtained for free. Once you include the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, deworming treatment and health guarantee, you’ll be surprised what a good deal an adopted pet really is! Also, did you know that more than 25% of cats and dogs who enter into shelters are pure breeds? If you’re truly set on a specific purebred cat or dog, there are breed-specific rescues that work to match up the right owner with the perfect purebred pet.”

Costs of pet adoption

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