10 Things I Always Buy at The Dollar Tree

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If you’ve ever shopped at a dollar store, you’ll know that there are treasures among the trash. I absolutely love shopping here, it’s one of our weekly staple stores. However, there are many things which are just junk and aren’t worth the money. You have to judge carefully when buying. Here are 10 things we buy all the time which are great deals at The Dollar Tree. 

Bleach $1

Bleach is the number one thing we buy weekly at the dollar store. My husband has a cleaning job and he does the moping with bleach water. Bleach is relatively inexpensive at most stores, but it is always the nice stable and cheap $1 at your local dollar store and it works exactly the same as any other bleach brand. 

Gift Bags $1

The dollar store is the only place that I will purchase gift bags or wrapping. It’s literally an item which you use once and throw away. It’s almost trash as soon as you buy it. However, you really can’t get away from needing it. Not only is a dollar store the cheapest place to buy this item, they often have really pretty bags, wrapping and bows, even nicer than some discount retailers like Walmart and Target. 

Cough Drops $1

Cough drops are a necessary evil in cold season. Luckily, The Dollar Tree and other dollar stores carry these all year round. They most often carry brand names so it’s great to pick up enough of these to keep a bag in each bathroom throughout the year for emergencies. 

Hair Ties $1

I lose hair ties on a daily basis. I just can’t seem to keep them on hand and they just disappear every night. Luckily, I can purchase them 100 at a time and just keep a ton of them in on hand in a drawer as replacements for when I lose an other one. 

Chips and Snacks $1

We the buy majority of our chips and snacks at the dollar store. They’re just as good as the ones at the grocery store if you pick the right ones, especially corn and tortilla chips, which we just use with dip anyway.

Dog Toys $1

You have to be careful with dog toys. We buy balls and stuffed toys here, but you have to check for materials and safety. Many dog and pet toys at the dollar store can be dangerous if your dog chews a lot as the materials aren’t always safe. We feel comfortable with the tennis balls as they just chase them and we’re not worried if they get lost at the park since they’re so inexpensive. 

Stickers $1

Stickers are the greatest find here. They have some really unique and lovely ones for scrapbooking and crafts. I like to stock up and check every few months for new designs. 

Dish Sponges $1

I don’t trust many of the cleaning supplies at dollar stores due to the quality and durability. However, in addition to the bleach, sponges, rags and dish washing wands are a great buy here. 

Table Cloths $1

Tablecloths are another one time disposable item that you don’t want to spend a lot on. The variety at dollar stores makes it easy to find anything suitable for most types of parties and they always have solid colors to fall back on in a pinch. 

Storage Baskets $1

Last, but not least, I buy most if not all of my storage baskets and bins at dollar stores. It makes it easy and cost effective to organize just about anything and you can easily change out sizes and colors when your needs change. 

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